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Our dedicated transportation company, taking you anywhere in the U.S.

Large Motor Coaches & Shuttle Buses

Take a look at our offerings from Thompson Coach, the dedicated transportation arm of Gatherings Plus.

* Church groups
* Youth groups
* Family reunions
* Family vacation travel
* Tour agencies
* Schools/colleges/university athletic teams
* Bands/orchestra/choir
* Military transportation
* Professional sports teams
* Political candidates
* Weddings

Our motor coaches and shuttle buses take care of any-size group up to 56 people in a single charter bus. We have several motor coaches that can travel in caravans to take you to Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, and all points in between! Have a smaller group of up to 25 people? Our shuttle buses provide comfortable transportation in between cities.

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Venue to Venue

Motor coaches and shuttle buses from Thompson Coach take your group from venue to venue, in town. The Gatherings Plus team makes sure everyone in your group gets on the bus at the hotel and makes it to a restaurant, banquet hall, or entertainment venue.

Comfortable Rides

Each motor coach and shuttle bus gets you and your group to every destination comfortably. Seats recline and have plenty of legroom. Every seat has controls for air conditioning, USB & power outlets between seats, plus we have TV monitors for entertainment. Everyone in your group can keep track of their itineraries with a handy, dedicated Event page.

Your Safety Matters

Gatherings Plus cares about your safety during your trip.
Here is what we are doing to help keep you safe while you travel aboard one of our coaches:


  • 99.994% Reduction in Virus Control including the Human Coronavirus  
  • EPA approved water soluble disinfectant also used in commercial airlines
  • Solution is electrically charged allowing uniform coating and “wraparound” distribution on surfaces
  • Services conducted by ABC on site or at customer location


  • Upgraded cabin filter system reduces cabin particulates by 90% between 1 and 5 microns and smaller
  • Factory HEPA filtration captures 99.9% of Particles (bacteria, fungi and larger viruses or virus clumps)
  • UV light HVAC disinfection system eliminates 90% of microbial contaminants after 10 minutes of exposure and 99% after 1 hour
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