Lively Loafers!

This was my 5th time arranging a Branson trip with Gatherings Plus.  We will absolutely use them again for future trips! We are totally impressed with the personal attention that our group received.  Pam, Norma and Peggy are superstars! – Elaine Novosel

64-C Pilot Class

“The hotel people did an excellent job, room service was great, entertainment at banquet was excellent, hospitality room could not have been better situated.  The Showboat was our favorite attraction.  My wife and I surprisingly became part of the entertainment (lol).  Every show was outstanding.  College of the Ozarks tour was incredible, eight of us returned for the Sunday Buffet.  It was fantastic! The planning experience with Gatherings Plus was outstanding!  I do not think there is any way this could have been done better.  Brenda and I want to thank Pam Brown again, for all that she did to make this reunion fun and memorable for Pilot Class 64-C. ”  John Wambough, member, 64-C Pilot Class

Aviano Association

“Our experience with Gatherings Plus was delightful.  The professionalism exhibited during each pase of the process was quite remarkable.  Handling of all financial aspects was done in an extremely professional manner, applying flexibility and sensibility as appropriate.  The same can be said of the schedule of events, where Gatherings Plus worked with us to accommodate our needs and desires at the fullest degree.  Gatherings Plus is doing an excellent job!”  Belinda Vazquez, Planner, Aviano Association

Automatic 8th Veterans

“This is our third reunion with Gatherings Plus and each has exceeded our expectations.  We have complete confidence in what you propose so we are very comfortable in our relationship.  I think you are at the top of your game and you have high standards for each group, each venue and each provider and that results in us getting a good product!”  John Osborne, Planner

The Moroccan Reunion Association

Norma was knowledgable of what makes inside and unseen Branson tick.  Peggy was a great driver and told us lots of inside stuff which we enjoyed. Nancy got similar review from the other bus passengers.  I have been the principle planner for 11 MRA reunions and this one was the easiest to do because of the excellent service provided by Pam and company.  You’ve obviously been at this for some time and have perfected your prescription for a successful reunion.  Tom Bennett

USS Spiegel Grover

“The hotel was great.  Good food.  Good staff.  Even tho they appeared very busy, we never wanted for anything…..Jodie was great.  She was very knowledgeable about the things we were doing and about the performers.  Our drivers from Terry’s Transport amazed us at how they knew all these shortcuts to get us from place to place in a timely manner.  You have done a good job on the last 3 reunions you did for me.  And it looks like the 4th one in 2016 will be a gud’un too.”  Chuck Siedschlag, planner, USS Spiegel Grover

Our reunion one of the best in the last 20 years

I never once heard Pam complain about any of the questions that I asked her or the emails I sent.  Pam provided great guidance to our group and was the driving force behind making our reunion one of the best that we have had in the last 20 years. I was always able to get a timely response from her.

Mount Zion Church

We fell in love with Jodie, simply outstanding in every way.  We also fell in love with Pam Brown! Don’t change anything, the food service and quality was excellent.  All of the shows were excellent, with Jonah and Clay Cooper tied for the best!  Having previously been to Branson four times my expectations were very high.  They were equaled or exceeded.  Dub Hoover, Planner, Mount Zion Church, Huntsville, Alabama

USS Cabildo

“This was my first experience with Gatherings Plus and coordinating a reunion.  At first I had no idea what tod o or what was happening but with Pam’s guidance and terrific experience I made it with ease.  Pam was always available for advice and how to proceed and I will forever be grateful for that.  I may even volunteer to do it again in the future knowing now the support Gatherings Plus will give me.  WELL DONE.  Pablo Garcia, Planner, USS Cabildo

USS Decatur

“The hotel was great.  The staff was top notch.  Great hotel at a great rate.  OMG Darin was AWESOME.  Bunny, our driver was fantastic.  Everyone enjoyed the food and ate way too much.  Pam Brown and her company are awesome.  We hope we can use Gatherings Plus at our future reunions!  Jerry Hihn, Planner

MCB 11 Association

Pam, just a short note to say “Thank You” along with your staff for making our reunion a great event.  A special thanks to your brother Daren for his great personality.  You know someone is doing a great job when a person asks which bus Daren is on so they can make sure to get on the same bus.  We will use your service again if we come back to Branson and will also tell others about the great job you did!

St. Mary's Colgan Class of '64

“I want to thank you for helping to make our reunion such a memorable event.  We had an amazing time and I cannot tell you how many compliments I received from virtually each person who attended.  The hotel staff, drivers and escorts were wonderful.  We were having such a good time, that many people from other reunions peeked in and looked like they wanted to join the fun.  It was amazing.  Thanks again for all your help.  I would recommend Gatherings Plus to anyone trying to get a group together.  I am going to look and see if you are on TripAdvisor so I can share our experience with fellow travelers.”  Lee Ann Roos, St. Mary’s Colgan Class of ’64 Planner

USS Benner

I am writing to express gratitude to you and your team for the great new experience that we experienced in Branson this past week.  You, along with Jodie, Darin and Dave provided services that heretofore were provided only by our shipmates.  Needless to say, I speak for everyone in our organization.  Tony Sawyer, President USS Benner