Scott Thompson, owner of Branson Gray Line and Branson Cab Service bought Gatherings Plus December 15, 2016.  Scott has been a local businessman for 20 years and understands the reunion and group business.

Our previous owner, Pam Brown lived in the Branson area since 1971 and had been involved in the tourism industry for most of the past 41 years.  In 1999, she became involved with planning military reunions and started her own company, Gatherings Plus in 2003.  Gatherings Plus is one of the premier reunion planning centers in the country and handle reunions in many locations throughout the United States.

At Gatherings Plus we strongly believe America was created by believers and still is “One Nation Under God.”  We promote the founders vision of God, Family and Country.  We honor our Veterans each and every day and count it a privilege to work with 50 plus reunion groups each year.

Our Mission:

  • To take the work off your shoulders so you can enjoy your time at the reunion
  • To provide the “old-fashioned” service you expect and deserve
  • To take care of your members in the manner they deserve……..they are all SPECIAL to us
  • To provide full service planning at an affordable price

Branson Travel Information

Branson is located within an easy days drive for over 2/3 of the United States population.  Interstate 44 is about 45 minutes north of town and Interstate 40 at Little Rock is about a 3 1/2 hour drive to the south.

The Springfield/Branson Regional Airport (SGF) located in Springfield is served by the following airlines: American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta and US Airways.  Car Rentals are available at the airport. Airport shuttle from Springfield Airport can be obtained by calling 417-332-2227.   Let Branson Cab Service know what reunion group you are with and you will receive a Veteran discount.

Branson Airport (BKG) is 10 miles south of Branson.  To view airlines flying into Branson go to their website at   You can reserve transportation from Branson Airport by calling 417-332-2227. Enterprise car rental is available at Branson Airport.
For driving instructions, please use the Google Map below.

Every human being has a different experience. But all of us have the same fears: do I get a job? How am I gonna pay the bills? What can you do with your philosophy/Romantic literature/Political science/Religion? Will there be anything in life in the same way as these last four years, as execution and fun and exciting? It’s an amazing fear of leaving a place where almost every one of your peers was on the same game field, and enter a new world where we all compete. Where you are filled with uncertainty, where there are neither teachers nor mentors who could lead you. Where you can’t spend 15 hours a week in classes that discuss things that fill you with passion …

I have bad news for you, the world. The depression at the exit doesn’t end. It’s morphine …

I graduated two years ago with a proposal for a community-based training organization. Which is great, except for one tiny detail: I’m not religious. It’s just not part of my life. Red flag number one, right? But I was sure it wouldn’t be a problem, and I believed them. However, as soon as I started training and realized that I had to attend a few services a week, in addition to the biblical research … I felt a little strange. When we started and ended our training with a prayer, I knew.

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Unfortunately, I’ve already been to Toledo, Ohio. I did this thing. I moved out of my city, Chicago, for this opportunity. I bought a car for that. I put all my eggs in one basket, and I was in suspension. I thought, \”What’s the worst thing that could happen?\” The answer is, my car was smashed in the middle of the day at the church. Answer: I’ve come to thousands of dollars in credit cards because I almost swam on this mint salary, and I wasn’t helped. Answer: I broke my cry every day because I felt completely lost …